railRS3 Ltd can support you across the whole life cycle from initial feasibility, through specification and procurement, to service introduction and later system upgrade. In particular:

  • Specification Development – we have extensive experience in the development of detailed and comprehensive technical and commercial contract documentation, predominantly for rolling stock and railway signalling, including the specific requirements for international lending institutions.
  • Tender Management and Evaluation – our staff have many years of experience in the management and technical evaluation of tenders, often where there are significant external pressures. They fully understand the need for transparent and defendable evaluations.
  • Design Oversight – much of our work is with end-clients, providing technical support to ensure that suppliers provide designs that both comply with the contract requirements and, often more importantly, will deliver a reliable and operable system.
  • Systems Activation and Migration – the challenges provided when upgrading existing infrastructure are often difficult. Our extensive experience in defining system migrations and introduction into service can reduce these risks.
  • Litigation and Adjudication Support – our staff have significant experience in supporting both in-house and external legal teams in the technical elements of contract litigation. They have also provided expert witness services.

In addition to these general services, railRS3 Ltd is recognised for its in-depth technical knowledge of Communication Based Train Control (CBTC). We have extensive experience in the application of driverless systems, automatic train operation (ATO) and complex electronic based signalling systems. We are at the forefront of understanding the complex train interfaces required, along with the impact of Safe Braking Models and brake rate determination.

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